About ODAC

The company is investing in fish farming projects that lead to the development of aquaculture sector in the sultanate, including shrimp farming, finfish, and shellfish and seaweed ventures. The company is also investing in the establishment of support industries to the fish farming sector, including hatcheries and feed factories.

Our Vision

“To lead the development of a sustainable and competitive aquaculture sector in Oman that promotes a meaningful contribution to wealth creation, food Security needs, and employment generation in Oman, through the diversification of production systems that produce safe, nutritious and affordable aquaculture produce, while ensuring the environmental continuity required for securing its Future growth”.

Our Mission

lead the development

and implementation of projects that will fill the “gaps” and stimulate a sustainable aquaculture sector in Oman.


take a catalytic, direct investment position in aquaculture & related projects.


support small and medium sized aquaculture projects, either as clusters or stand-alone.

investment institutions

provide comfort to investment institutions about sound investment opportunities in aquaculture sector within the Sultanate of Oman.

New opportunities

develop projects that will enhance opportunities in the aquaculture value-chain.


enable training & development of the Omani workforce for the future of aquaculture.


enhance research and development activities, focused on Commercialization, which will further Omani aquaculture.
Our Objective

Socio-economic initiatives

Stimulating aquaculture development in Oman through the enhancement of employment opportunities for Omani, expanding Omani skills, experience and knowledge in aquaculture, provide wealth generation opportunities for Omanis as well as augment the food security efforts of government authorities.

Aquaculture Investments

Provide direct and in-direct financial/ investment support for aquaculture as a sector and its sector related projects essential for stimulating the “demonstration effect” and the sustained development of the sector in the Sultanate as well as eliminating gaps that exist in the sector which currently restricts development.